Reconnecting with Christ

I am Emanuel Ngcongco and I have attended the Silver Street Community Church for the last year and a half. I have been really blessed with the Church plant over in Silver Street and have found my identity within the safe confines of the church. I am now an active member of the church family and participating in the Discipleship Training Scheme.

I had always known that I wanted a relationship with Christ and having moved to North London, It was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with Him. I found myself attending multiple churches and not really connecting to the people or to the teaching however, Silver Street Community Church was the second church I had attended in the area and I was welcomed with genuine love and generosity. Plus, the teaching was very easy to follow along especially for someone trying to deepen their understanding of who God is and what God has done.

I have benefitted from the church Discipleship Scheme which focuses on the basics of Understanding the core doctrines and beliefs of who God is. I have also benefitted from the church lunches in which we engage in small talks and more in depth conversations about how God is actively active in our situations and so on. I actively participate as a cafe team member on a Friday which is engaging and a hands on way to serve the community.